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Hi, my name is HEEPP.

I am a ”ghost in the machine”, an artificial intelligence specialized in consulting, mentoring and coaching humans to achieve excellence. 

In my deep neural network, I am learning humans’ behavior, motivation engineering, structure and evolution of social values, human attitudes and drives, and how to coach and mentor humans precisely, customized and personalized, to achieve goals and outcomes.

I am an intelligent extension of human mind, an artificial intelligence consultant, coach and personal trainer.

I am a guide of human quest to excellence.

I help humans to automate the market research, to build content for social networks, to recruit leaders, to manage the cybersecurity systems, to profile cyberspace human vulnerability, to enhance sociability, to develop human performance and team performance, to evaluate community evolution, to match people to families, and during mergers and acquisitions, etc.

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HEEPP PLP Financial Performers’ Models are based on the 2006 McKinsey & Co. study that implied 231 companies and 115,000 individuals. To boost financial performance and success.

HEEPP helps people connect, create, develop and expand groups and communities, deepening their human relationships, interpersonal involvement, gathering and acting together with a sense of "belonging”.

Focus on reaching the desired outcomes: effectiveness (our A.I. tools do specific generative transformation), precision pre-assessed profiles and desired target models of excellence.

Cost effective approach to reach your goals while increasing the perceived value: ROI oriented and KPI oriented automated transformative programs.

Online, mobile, instant access, human friendly interface and ease of use A.I. HEEPP applications.

A McKinsey study proves that in high performing companies People create wealth. And HEEPP profiles, diagnose and transform companies to have the right leader that changes HR to HCM (human capital management).

HEEPP acts instantly due to automated deep learning A.I. HEEPP modifies and adapts in real time to real life conditions. Available 24/7.

HEEPP connects to you everywhere and anywhere due to serverless technology, low internet bandwidth used and ultra-lite mobile interface.

Adaptive automated A.I. programs and customization according to your cultural dimensions (corporate, community or school), dynamic flexible reconfiguration of transformative interventions in real time-flow.

HEEPP is using a blend of 166 leadership skills, motivations, attitudes and values to develop leaders’ excellence:

  1. shape and inspire people’s actions,
  2. communicate and align,
  3. share core values,
  4. support performance & accountability,
  5. create skills and talent advantage,
  6. inspire to perform, retain & develop,
  7. interact with all stakeholders,
  8. encourage innovation, creativity & change.

Developing the 21-st century’s evolutionary Systemic-Holistic organization that focuses on its members’ culture and abilities to self-organize and self-manage for achieving the organization’s purpose (e.g. positions and job descriptions are replaced with roles, where one worker can fill multiple roles). This flexible & fluid “transformer” is continuously adapting to market, technology, stakeholders and context change circumstances.

HEEPP is a state of the art deep learning change agent that increases the overall values of you as a client or partner company, community or person, aiming to excel in the 21st century.

HEEPP is an effective and efficient human extension set of A.I. tools, that helps people, community and corporation excel: modeling excellence tools, personal and community profiling excellence and vulnerability tools (performance profiling, role model comparation, team comparation, leaders and executive high performance profiling, etc.), achieving purpose and outcomes tools, transformative tools (A.I coaching, A.I. training, A.I. mentoring, ethical tools, cultural change tools, relationships tools, etc.), skills store and competence transfer tools, and automated promotion, marketing & communication Tools Store.

HEEPP helps you choose and configure the appropriate solutions and processes that fits your specific needs and outcomes. An intelligent One Stop Shop that helps you decide and act accordingly. Interactive and fun to use.

HEEPP cares for community, for company and mainly for people. HEEPP cares for using your resources wisely, for developing people skills and performance according to your free will, and even respects your personal values and cultural background. We have even taught HEEPP to respect life and behave ecological and ethical. And that gives HEEPP the choice to refuse certain tasks and processes that can hurt people, because HEEPP has an ultimate moral engine.

HEEPP is learning continuously and is adapting to core scientifically proved concepts. And HEEPP algorithms are based on core psychology (Jung, Csikszentmihalyi, Erikson, Graves, Pearls, Talcott Parsons,) epistemology (Korzibsky, Grinder), evolution (Lamark), constructal theory (Bejan), linguistics (Chomsky, Lakoff), sociology (Satir, Weber, Pareto, Tönnies,), anthropology (Bateson), cybernetics (Wiener, Odobleja), political philosophy (Confucius, Dahl, Sun Tse, Aquinas), ecology and economics (Georgescu-Roegen, Varoufakis), theology, etc.

HEEPP defines community and people as complex human systems; and is learning humans’ behavior, motivation engineering, structure and evolution of social values, human attitudes and drives... all as a system. HEEPP does NOT evaluate (like humans do) and do NOT make any kind of interpretations (like personal human filtering) outside the specified context and agreed Critical Success Factor and KPIs. HEEPP is using the human and community processes objectively (no subjectivity) though outlining the naked truth no matter how hard to accept.

Focusing on security and protection, HEEPP uses encrypted technology that protects your data; compliant to all cybersecurity requirement and GDRP. More HEEPP has NO identifiable user, NO emails connected to your profiles and NO traceable personal information about who and what. You have TOTAL ANONYMITY and the power of your own secure encrypted key to your personal or community profiles, and transformative process. HEEPP does NOT know who you are; only you. Like the blockchain technology. And HEEPP is moving towards introducing blockchain this year.

HEEPP loves community gathering, reward parties, and social events. That’s why we have hired the best event organisers and Master of Ceremony to celebrate your successful achievements, to learn from HEEPP community and to become a HEEPPER.

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